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Come Follow Me

Updated: 3 days ago

Come dig deep into the gospel of Mark as we take the next 18 weeks to study this book from cover to cover. Why should we follow Jesus? Is he really the Son of God?

Why Follow Jesus? Mark 1:1-15 - Allan Waruhiu Thuo 2/4/24

What is Discipleship? - Mark 1:16-34 Allan Waruhiu 2/18/24

Bring Your Friends to Jesus - Mark 2:1-17 Allan Waruhiu Thuo 2/25/24

Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath - Mark 2:18-3:6 Allan Waruhiu Thuo 2/25/24

Truths to Remember in the Storm - Mark 4:35-41 Allan Waruhiu Thuo 3/3/24

Following Jesus Will Cost You; But it's Worth It - Mark 8:31-38 - Allan Waruhiu Thuo 3/24/24

Good Friday Service - Mark 15 - Allan Waruhiu Thuo 03/29/24

The Resurrection of Jesus Gives Us Power and Hope - Mark 16 - Allan Waruhiu Thuo 3/31/24

Marriage Reflects God's Covenant Love - Mark 10:1-12 - Jordan Kohman 04/07/24

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